Three-phase transformer electricity meter
with radio module

10 kmData transmission rate
8 yearsCalibration interval
60 monthsGuarantee period
30 yearsService life
  • Accounting for active and reactive energy in the forward and reverse direction
  • Power quality measurement
  • Remote updating of the tariff schedule
  • Remote shutdown of the meter

Accuracy class: Active energy

1 (GOST 31819.21-2012)

Accuracy class: Reactive energy

1 (ГОСТ 31819.23-2012)

Rated AC voltage

3×230/400 V

Base (maximum) current

5 (100) A

Communication protocol


Frequency range

863-868 MHz

Transmission power

up to 25 mW

Built-in load control relay


Monitoring network quality parameters


Current control in the neutral wire


Dimensions, no more

271 × 190 × 82 mm

Dimensions of remote display DV-2

150 × 105 × 30 mm

Weight, no more

2000 g

Operating temperature range

from -40 to +70 °C

Integration with top-level ICC (AlfaCENTER, Telescope+, Enforce, EMCOS Corporate, Pyramida 2.0, Pyramida-Network)


Guarantee period

60 months

Calibration interval

8 years

Service life

30 years

Phobos-3T multi-tariff three-phase electric meter with a built-in radio module from WAVIOT for remote wireless electricity metering in apartment buildings, cottage settlements and industries.

Passport (Phobos-3)

EAEC Declaration of Conformity (Phobos-3)

Certificate of measuring instruments of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Phobos-3)

Type description (Phobos-3)

Operation manual (Phobos-3)

PHOBOS V3 Configurator

PHOBOS Configurator

Instructions for the PHOBOS configurator

Three-phase electricity meters of transformer connection with the NB-Fi radio module are designed to monitor electricity consumption at residential, commercial or industrial facilities, as well as to build AMR based on them. PHOBOS-3T electricity meters contain an LPWAN module with NB-Fi two-way communication technology, and provide the transfer of measurement results to servers and information and computer systems of the upper level of automated energy metering systems (Information-computing complex, Information-computing complex of electrical installation). In the event of a power outage, the device will continue to work autonomously, thanks to and save information about the readings. When attempting unauthorized use, using magnets, opening and hacking, as well as in case of power failures, PHOBOS-3 signals such events in the personal account.

Remote antenna connectivity

Life expectancy with power off is 16 years

Tamper-evident seals on housing and terminal cover

Voltage power relay