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Increase the loyalty of home buyers - install touch control of manholes, electronic meters for metering water and electricity.

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We know what developers are worried about. We understand how much care and responsibility falls on you:

The need to install metering devices

Selection of devices at the lowest price

Incorrect operation of cheap metering devices

Resident complaints

Claims from Housing and Public Utilities


Solution now

It is difficult to cope on our own, we need partners. You try to do your best:

Search and find reliable contractors.

Perhaps the best offer has already been chosen at the moment. But you understand that there are shortcomings.

We offer to consider a more reliable and technologically advanced solution from WAVIOT with an extended warranty and responsibility for the result.

What we offer

Up to 10 years of instrument service and post-warranty maintenance of equipment

We offer high-tech and accurate devices for wireless energy, gas and water accounting, calculation of resource losses, as well as monitoring sensors for sewer manholes:

All equipment

Benefits for you

5 Benefits for the developer: The Benefits of Automation

By installing an automatic resource accounting and control system in homes, you get:

Increase in purchasing power

A house that simplifies the life of apartment owners is of interest. Telling a potential audience about planned innovations will lead to increased sales.

Loyalty of future tenants

The openness of general house accounting increases the confidence of apartment buyers.

Impeccable reputation

A developer who has installed automatic accounting systems cares about the comfortable life of residents which inevitably leads to an improvement in his reputation in the eyes of customers, which, as you know, is easily monetized.

Opportunity to raise prices justifiably

The installation of innovative equipment will lead to an increase in the status of housing, and hence its value.

Construction site safety

Installation of control sensors under the covers of wells will protect against theft of manholes and unauthorized opening of sewer shafts.

Benefits for residents

6 Reasons Residents Need a WAVIOT

Automatic resource accounting and control systems increase the comfort level of living in the house, ensuring transparency of calculations and safety of life.

Time saving

There is no need to monthly take and transfer readings to the management company and the supply organization. The data is sent automatically.

Accuracy of measurements

Automation of the control system and transmission of readings eliminates errors. The transmitted data is always 100% accurate.

Convenient data acquisition

Up-to-date information on expenses is available at any time in the user’s personal account on the website or in the application.

Protection from intruders

Scammers often enter homes under the pretext of taking testimony. Automatic data transfer will deprive criminals of a fail-safe tool.

Easy installation

The installation process does not require additional equipment and special knowledge.

Home area security

The sensor for opening sewer manholes protects residents from accidents and ensures safety.

According to surveys of real estate agencies: equipping houses with household SMART-systems is the third most important reason for choosing an apartment.


Prices for WAVIOT developments: large purchases are more profitable

The more metering devices in the order, the more profitable the purchase. Bulk discounts on products.


Differences from competitors

6 qualities that distinguish us from competitors

The advantages of automating the resource accounting system have led to a vigorous development of the market for instrumentation and control equipment. Our 5 distinctive advantages will help you make the right choice.

Simplicity of technology

1 base station within a radius of 10-30 km creates coverage for interaction with metering points

Steady signal

There is no need for amplifying equipment. Good communication in difficult urban environments and hilly terrain.

Timeliness of data collection

It is 98-99% - meets the requirements of large network companies. This is a very high figure.

Domestic development

Accounting equipment received ST KZ certificate.

Reliability guarantee

Metering devices are included in the register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Easy installation

The installation process does not require additional equipment and special knowledge.


More than 100 developers have become our clients

We have implemented hundreds of thousands of devices throughout the country and every month we increase the growth rate. List of companies successfully using our equipment:

All partners

Take an example from the leading companies in the country. Improve service, get generous and loyal customers.

Completed projects

WAVIOT equipment in action


Input data

The objects are equipped with electricity meters “Phobos-1”, “Phobos-3”, “Phobos 3T”.


Low percentage of data transfer - 75%.

A high percentage of theft of electrical resources - 48%.

High electricity costs due to the lack of reliable control and accounting of electric energy.

Difficulty in collecting data due to limited access.

Frequent breakdowns of counters.


100% transmission of accurate data to energy supply organizations.

Timely detection of interventions in the operation of the metering device.

Reducing the percentage of electric energy resources by 40%.

Ability to remotely limit or disable the meter.


Input data

Equipping 124 apartments in 2 buildings with cold and hot water meters, electricity and gas meters.


30% of the residents regularly give their testimony.

18% false readings.

A large number of appeals and complaints from residents to utility companies.


Reducing water consumption by an average of 40%.

Daily 100% take readings from metering devices.

Tracking interventions in the operation of metering devices.


Input data

3,493 common house metering devices have been installed which control 140,000 subscribers.

730 private buildings.


30% of subscribers regularly transmit readings.

40% erroneous readings.

24 facts of theft of water resources.


For 3 years of operation of ASKUV (Automated water metering system) 98.3% of readings.

The data transmitted remotely is 100% consistent with the indicators of common house meters.

Decreased cases of theft of water resources by 6 times.

Reviews about WAVIOT

Learn from our customers about the experience of using the devices

Here is what our customers note as the most important criteria for them:

Easy scaling

10-30 conventional BS and mini-BS can be connected to 1 base station.

Available technical equipment

There is no need for expensive server equipment and maintenance staff.

Reliable data collection

Failure of one device does not affect the operation of other meters in the system. Instant notification of a malfunction.

Question answer

Answers to developers’ concerns

We’ve already chosen a contractor

Think about whether you are confident in its reliability, and critically evaluate the level and quality of its services. Perhaps you choose a service and equipment of the level of 10 years ago, and this inevitably leads to technical failures and dissatisfaction among residents.

High cost of automation leads to losses

The first investment is certainly higher than when installing standard meters. But, considering the project in the future, we get a reduction in costs for maintenance, payment of bills, and the maintenance of personnel responsible for collecting data. Transparency of calculations pleases residents, the developer receives hundreds of satisfied customers.

Residents are used to standard metering devices.

Trust me, residents of apartment buildings and cottage settlements will appreciate the freed-up time and the removal of responsibility for the transfer of testimony. Automatic resource accounting systems do not require the participation of residents, it will not be difficult to wean yourself from the need to control data. And reciprocal gratitude will quickly result in an increase in demand for your objects.

We do not want to test innovations.

The beautiful word “innovation” in fact has long turned into a high-level standard. Hundreds of thousands of WAVIOT metering devices in residential buildings in Kazakhstan - you are definitely not the first!

Everything is great, but where to get funds for additional expenses?

Contact us and we will help you calculate the cost of purchasing ASKUR systems, optimizing them for your budget.

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Improve your quality of life with WAVIOT smart equipment

Installation of devices for automatic control and accounting of resources is an effective tool for detuning from competitors.

Install modern technological devices in your homes that make household chores easier for residents, and increase sales even with an increase in the price of objects!